Wire Harness

Remember back to children’s programming of the 1970s and 1980s? There’d be moments when the fourth wall would be broken by the actor on camera acknowledging the voice over, and it usually involved the actor being completely clueless about something. The idea of a wire harness and how it helps up in our everyday lives is probably giving most folks the same befuddled feeling.

So, what it is a wire harness? In truth, it’s nothing more than just a collection of wires into one unit that helps to keep electrical systems organized. If you’ve ever opened your desktop computer’s tower or looked inside of a printer, you’ve probably noticed how clean everything looked. Clean, of course, refers to the uncluttered look of the internal pieces. This is how wire harnesses really earn their keep. What’s more, they can also vary in size depending on the application.

First things first, though, we need to ask ourselves – what does a wire harness do? Well, it allows data and electrical power to be conveyed efficiently throughout a structure. Considering how many things we’re surrounded by that start their functioning by being plugged in, it’s safe to say that wire harnesses are everywhere.

Finally, who uses these little remarkable wonders? Everyone. Every industry you can think of has found a unique use. Keep in mind the function they have about transmitting electrical power, signals, and data from point A to point B. As technology gets better and a demand for more efficient multi-functionality grows, so, too, does the need for wire harnesses to be built to handle these advancements.

The industries most associated with them are: automotive, aerospace, national defense, telecommunication, and medicine. On the surface, these particular industries don’t seem particularly interesting. Yet, they all have one thing in common – failure experienced by the machinery that makes up the industries can lead to the loss of life. It can be easy to gauge the success of an industry by looking at its financial health at the end of a fiscal year, but nothing lets you know that something went terribly wrong than when someone loses their life due to faulty parts.

Biometric Hardware

This type of biometric authentication employs the exceptional facial qualities of someone. When it has to do with biometric authentication, the fingerprint sensor is the most trustworthy and convenient. For starters, biometric authentication is considered among the best kinds of authentication currently offered. The worldwide biometric authentication and identification market is predicted to undergo substantial growth over the following five years.

Biometrics provides convenience, simplicity of use, simple scalability and increased cyber security. In addition, they are increasingly sophisticated and proven, including facial recognition as a means of authentication. Biometrics needs to be secure. however, it can’t interrupt somebody’s day-to-day pursuits. For smaller companies, in addition, it supplies a cloud-based solution which delivers fingerprint biometrics and smart cards.

There are a few specific forms of biometrics utilized for some particular purposes. They will also have some impact on the workplace with regards to the need for additional hardware costs such as scanners. Behavioral biometrics is a new type of biometric that gives you the ability to confirm your identity with how you behave, instead of some facet of your physical body.

Biometrics allows an employee to use their fingerprint as identification at any location in the retail shop. They are part of the cutting edge of technology. They are also being used in the automotive industry in the form of biometric vehicle access systems. They are already changing the game, and they will continue to do so. They also offer flexibility to the user different identifiers can be used in different situations. Behavioral biometrics utilize ephemeral data, meaning theft would just be a temporary disability.

Internet As a Reference Tool

First, using the Internet as a reference tool.

While the ease of use, scope of resources, and up-to-date nature of the information available online are collectively invaluable, there are also some downsides to using the web for research. The biggest thing to be careful about is low quality, unsubstantiated material that hasn’t been reviewed for accuracy. Since anyone can post on the Internet, it’s up to you to make sure the resources you’re using are reliable.

How do you deal with that problem? You need to use good, reliable search tools; use good searching techniques (see a recently published article on Boolean Phrase Searching right here on EzineArticles for more on that); and take responsibility for thoroughly vetting any material you use. It can be tempting to trust resources that support your hypotheses, but they need to be checked just as thoroughly as anything else you hope to cite, or more so.

Good, reliable search tools mean, when possible, focusing on information available in libraries, government databases, and similarly vetted information repositories, as well as using the appropriate internal search tools. That doesn’t mean you can’t use Google or Wikipedia, but if you do, check out the website your information is coming from. Does the site itself seem reliable? How about the author? Check their sources and check publication dates to be sure you’re getting up-to-date information.

If it feels suspicious, check to see if there are counter articles debunking the theories or studies presented. If something feels questionable, move on. There are plenty more publication fish in the information Sea.

Once you’ve found something you believe is reliable, the next thing you need to be able to do is properly cite Internet resources. Different style guides will put the information in a different order (check the one relevant to your work to be sure), but in general, what you most need would be:

• The author’s name

• Editor (if applicable)

• Year of publication (of the article or of the webpage)

• Title (of the article or of the webpage)

• Medium (“Online”, in this case, typically)

• Any relevant information in terms of journal name, volume, edition, place of publication and publisher/publishing organization

• The complete URL (http:// and all)

• The date you accessed the source

About Facial Recognition

The said technology consists of four different stages as explained below.

1. The Capturing stage involves the collection of a sample using the video equipment. This sample could be an image/footage from a busy metro station or of the audience at a baseball match.

2. The Extraction is more unique and focuses on individuals instead of the whole crowd. A template is created with the unique data.

3. The Comparison stage weighs up the earlier mentioned template with a precompiled database.

4. The Match/ Non-Match stage implicates making a final decision that whether or not the template matches with any entry in the already existing database. This is achieved with the use of various complex algorithms.

Facial biometrics can be consolidated at any place, where you can find modern-day HD security cameras. The Police and other law enforcement agencies use these systems to locate people of interest by scanning video footage captured at different places. Other deployments of this incredible technology include border control applications and consumer applications like banking and payment gateways.

Thus, wherever there is a need to track an individual or a group of individuals on the basis of their facial appearance, “recognition through faces” can be used in all such environments.

This technology is no more just about dealing with access controls and individual verifications; it can do a lot to assemble huge demographic data also. Facial Recognition is on its way to prove its worth into other arenas as well, like retail industry, social platforms, banking transactions and public places.

Advancements in facial biometrics have come neck to neck with the latest trends. Like the very famous ‘selfie’ trend is being used for facial recognition methods. Yes, you read it right! MasterCard’s “Selfie-Verification”, gave the online payment methods a new tangent this year. Customers get through the whole payment process with the simple use of biometrics like selfies rather than using PINs, passwords or OTPs. Online transactions were never been this easier, and fun! As much as the use of facial biometrics makes the payment process faster, it also makes it more reliable. It mitigates the risk of fraud and strengthens the payment ecosystems.

This is not limited to the online monetary transactions only. The said technology has found its ways into social platforms too, such as Facebook. The brilliant brains of Facebook are seeking to organize rich image data and identify people captured in an image. So, tagging everyone in the big family photograph would be a bit easier!

Music Can Heal Your Mind and Soul

Music promotes cognition.

Music is not just a powerful abstract. It has the ability to enhance specific brain functions and amazingly can make someone smarter. Wow! Science has revealed that listening to music can enhance reasoning prowess, improve literacy and reading skills, and mathematical skills.

What if you’re not a musician? That question might come to your mind, right? Well, even if you’re not a musician, you can still get the perks or positive effects of music. As a matter of fact, senior citizens enjoy listening to music and have dramatically showed augmented processing speed and enhanced episodic memory. There are also studies that proved that listening to a background music helps increase the cognitive and productivity performance of individuals doing tasks.

Music astonishingly helps improve memory.

Our brain is a made up of interconnected nerves which can be activated to link up with long-term memory. There are also specific points in the brain that are connected to episodic or autobiographical memories and emotions – all can be activated when familiar music melodies are heard. That’s why music is incredibly helpful to adults.

Listening to music can dramatically improve motor and reasoning skills.

Music is not only beneficial for adults; it can also help kids to learn using several ways. There are studies which revealed that children who underwent for 3 years and more music training experience can perform far better to those who didn’t. That shows how important it is to learn an instrument in auditory aptitude and great motor abilities.

We Fear Personal Robots

The conversation comes up over and over again – regardless of venue. Many people have a very real sense of dread and fear related to robots invading their lives. Similar to popular Star Wars movies, imaginations are going to the outer limits where no man has dared to venture. Perhaps the time has come to remind everyone to simply relax, as robots are not going to take over the world or displace millions of workers. The technology really is in its infancy stages, with limited capabilities at this point. However, advancement is a linear process where simple robotic assignments are mastered initially before moving forward to more complex duties. From a development standpoint, we are still a long distance from having technology that simulates human executive functioning and socialization. We are, however, closer to having robotic assistants capable of performing a number of tasks once considered impossible.

In order to gain some perspective on the anxiety related to robots in our daily lives, it would be prudent to look back at history. During the early years of the 20TH century, Henry Ford invented the Model T automobile. Mr. Ford’s goal was to build an affordable dependable vehicle that could meet the needs of the common man. Ostensibly, he achieved that goal as 15 million vehicles sold between 1908 and 1927, when the model was discontinued. Importantly, we must not overlook the introduction of the assembly line, which revolutionized work production.

We can safely surmise there was tremendous emotional upheaval with the automobile disrupting sales for the horse and buggy industry. Jobs were indeed at stake, yet society adjusted to those industry changes and many prospered due to the new economy. Further, the assembly line must have caused a great deal of consternation as the pressure to “mass produce” was undoubtedly met with resistance. The order of the day was experiencing culture shock that shook daily life in 1908 at its very core. Yet, society moved pass its fear of new technology,with trepidation, slowly gaining trust and confidence in the early version of the automobile.

Massive changes affecting how we live, work, and relate to one another has always invoked a degree of fear and uncertainty. There are many unanswered questions related to robots and how they will function among us, and how much autonomy they actually possess. These are concerns programmers must address in the quest to design machines that serve to increase our personal productivity and enhance quality of life. We would be better served in finding ways by which robots could be used to assist the elderly, those with disabilities, seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, and other vulnerable members of society.

Our apprehensions are natural and there are many questions that remain surrounding issues such as jobs, safety, and privacy. However, taking a myopic view does not mitigate the serious challenges facing the growing autistic adult population. The world they are stepping into as adults is indeed filled with peril and uncertainty- but also unprecedented opportunities. Introducing technology into the lives of underserved members of the community can bring tremendous fulfillment, hope, and changed fortunes. Importantly, the same tenuous atmosphere of change existed in 1908. We have the choice of being paralyzed by fear, or taking the leap of faith required to embrace the future.

Audio PED

Now most Bluetooth headsets equipped with the camera available on Amazon are dubbed “spy headsets” and there is a whole variety of them available with price ranging from $30-90. But, AudioPED is a lot more than just a Spy cam or even a Bluetooth headset as it has basic health monitoring sensors as well. I managed to find one headset that came close to it; The Ctronics Hidden Wearable Spy Camera HD that costs $90. As you can easily predict, the price increases with an increase in memory size, functionality and the camera quality. Now there is no concrete price tag from the team right now, but it is widely reported to be around $109 which is a lot more than the other Bluetooth devices but let’s look at the specs of the new Bluetooth handset and see if it’s really worth the hefty number of dollars!


Since these are basically Bluetooth headsets, it is important to start off with the primary function: sound. The Audio PED offers a top-of-the-line quality sound to its users, and it can be streamed directly via the internet instead of storing it on the device itself. This feature is absent in the competitor as it relies on internal storage for all the songs and sounds. Its storage is also a notch above with a 32 GB card support compared to the maximum of 8 GB being offered by Ctronics Hidden Spy Camera that comes very close in cost.

Audio PED also has an intricate noise-cancelling system so that your calls aren’t interrupted by nearby noise. It is not currently on offer in any Bluetooth headset we could find so it is a big plus for the new device.

Video Recording and Battery

1080p HD video recording is offered by both Audio PED and the Ctronics device. Video recording capability is the prime feature of both devices, and there is nothing separating them on video quality. However, Ctronics device only offers up to 1.5 hours of video recording in a single charge while Audio PED has heavy-duty lipo batteries on both sides. They ensure you get extended hours of playback and video recording on the device with up to 16 hours of playback possible.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Audio PED has the unique function of being able to connect via to Bluetooth to several devices at once including your laptop, smartphone or even iPod. This feature is absent in the Ctronics device and any other Bluetooth headset I have come across under $200.


Now here is where Audio PED takes a definite edge over its rival. As part of its added functionality, it can act as a perfect health monitoring companion by measuring the intensity of UV rays when you are travelling in the Sun. This will help you avoid these dangerous rays and have less skin related problems later on. None of the headsets in the similar category offers UV sensing as they are more focused on the “Spy” side of things.


Audio PED comes with a touchscreen that shows the track name and displays the tracks. Ctronics device doesn’t have a touchscreen at all and relies on buttons all the time for navigation. Audio PED is also quite compact compared to the Ctronics one despite having a touchscreen.

Companion App

Most of the competing headphones including the Ctronics device are a plug and play matter and connect via USB. A companion app for such a simple device makes sense, but Audio PED isn’t a simple Bluetooth headset; It has Wi-Fi connectivity, smart sensors, extended battery and even a touchscreen so it comes with its own killer app that is both fun to use and extremely useful and simple to boot.

PC Running Perfectly

Get Rid of Malware

Malware is similar to a virus, but it can cause an increase of damage to computers. For example, malware can infect a computer and then cause the cooling system to stop working, resulting in a computer that is overheated. After this, the computer’s hard drive will no longer work. The only solution is usually to buy a new computer.

Instead of dealing with this hassle, download a free program that is designed to specifically get rid of malware. Once the malware on a computer has been eliminated, many users notice an increase in speed and a brighter picture.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning a PC should be a part of every people weekly dusting routine. Computers can accumulate a bit of dust on the screen, keyboards and, for desk top computers, on the hard drive. Once this dust makes its way inside of a computer, it can have a disastrous impact. Dust is also one of the most common causes of computers overheating.

Fan Filters

Specialized products can help cut dust that has the potential to make it into the inner parts of a computer’s hardware. A variety of 120 mm fan filters are available for computer owners to purchase. The size does not have to be 120 mm, as the size may vary depending on the computer. It is vital to contact a specialist for help with their product if the computer owner is unsure of whether a 120 mm, 80 mm or other size would be best.

These help prevent dust from ever getting inside of computers in the first place, eliminating the risk of damage caused by dust, and are available in different sizes. If a computer does not have in internal fan, a filter of about 120 mm will usually fit inside the grille of the computer, and serves the same purpose.

Keep it cool

Cooling systems are important for maintaining the performance of a pc. Computers that get to hot on a regular basis are at risk for thermal damage due to overheating. This risk is increased if there is dust inside the computer. Make sure that computers stay cool by storing them in a cool place and avoid leaving them in areas that are exposed to increased temperatures, such as the trunk of a car.

Types Of Connectors

VGA Connector

It’s common in many computers. It’s also used in many videos. For ideal results you should use a 15-pin connector on a device that you are sure of the type of video that it can put in and out. The connector is mostly used in projectors.

Speakon Connector

This is the latest connector used in audio connections. The unit is available in 2, 4 and 8 pole iterations. For audio applications, you should use 2 and 4 pole. The good side with this unit is that it takes in high current signals. When connecting it you should connect the female plugs to the male panel socket. Due to this connection, you should use the connectors in live sound applications where you should use them in connecting power amplifiers to loudspeakers.

XLR Connector

This is another balanced connection that is used in many pro audio applications. The unit has a barrel design that is approximately 2cm in diameter, with about 3-7 pins or holes. You can effectively use it in audio applications where you use the 3 pin XLR.

Balance Jack Connector

It aids in carrying two channels of audio where the tip is the pointy end, the ring is the section after the first black hoop, and the sleeve is after the second black hoop. The tip and ring of the connector carry the left and right channel signals while the sleeve acts as the common earth.

This connector has a wide range of applications. For example, it’s used as headphone output, piano, recording equipment, mixing decks, guitar amps, hi-fi equipment and recording equipment.

Cloud Computing

Security Exposure

Security is cited as the number one objection to Cloud for 49{7a71c7b6bdf2664888dba7df40e3cfd837ff449fad010951f3ad8e38262fdb5b} of organizations (IDC 2017). Should you be concerned? The security investments made by the major Cloud providers is significant and has created cloud platforms in which security breaches, due to vendor error are rare. In fact, the Cloud has proven to be more secure than most non-cloud environments.

Network Response

A key detractor to cloud for customers in Western Canada is the worry that network connectivity will be insufficient to provide the type of response time and security that end users are accustomed to. With the major public Cloud providers located in Eastern Canada, it is understandable that network connectivity options should be well understood before proceeding. Several networking options exist to address the need for high bandwidth, security and connectivity to Cloud, including solutions based in Saskatchewan.

Service Availability

Service availability, including response time and user downtime, is a concern due to the perceived loss of control over the computing environment. To mitigate this concern, public Cloud vendors provide service levels for all their products with financial credits provided if they are not achieved. The robust engineering of the Cloud environment is such that high availability is consistently achieved. In a worst-case scenario, organizations can further protect critical applications by configuring them to automatically failover to alternate data centres should a Cloud data centre go offline.

Cloud Costs

There is a general perception that services in the Cloud are more expensive than in the non-Cloud environment. This is often raised when the comparison between Cloud and non-Cloud platforms does not accurately reflect all the costs that make up the non-Cloud infrastructure.

With all the non-Cloud costs in the table above considered, there’s an almost 50{7a71c7b6bdf2664888dba7df40e3cfd837ff449fad010951f3ad8e38262fdb5b} reduction in support and maintenance costs when the Cloud is chosen. When doing a financial comparison or Cloud ROI, it’s also important to take into account the increased revenue that will take place as you drive your digital transformation results using Cloud services.