Trouble With Sophia

No doubt I am the only one concerned about hackers. I just happen to remember what hackers did to our so-called, self-cleaning, intelligent public toilets. I mean, if people can spy on me though my TV eye, my webcam, and my smart fridge, imagine what mischief they could wrought if they gained access to my bed. This could certainly put a new twist on our political elections, but actually I was thinking more in terms of being able to hack someone’s bed in the middle of the night and trigger that eject button.

I mean seriously, if you’re going to have a smart bed, let’s do it up properly and consider all of the ramifications and potential issues and take the idea fully to its logical conclusion.

As if smartbeds were not already a potential disaster, we also now have the lady robots. As usual, people are always trying to create a new and improved woman, especially one that can do customer service for free. It is a great tragedy, a huge offense, that we live in a culture that genuinely does not seem to understand the human element, the significance of women, the importance of finally getting to talk to a “real human being.”

Naturally Sophia has already suggested that humans belong in a zoo. Taking it just a bit farther, we actually now have robots who can make well reasoned arguments for why humans should be destroyed. This doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that we ourselves seem unable to launch a good argument in our own defense.

I think there is an interesting bit of truth hidden here, and while we laugh at “cute” Sophia quipping about destroying humans, in truth a world run exclusively by reason, absent sacrificial love, absent humans created in the image of God, absent the realness of women, becomes a world in which logic soon dictates, humans really serve no vital purpose.