Wire Harness

Remember back to children’s programming of the 1970s and 1980s? There’d be moments when the fourth wall would be broken by the actor on camera acknowledging the voice over, and it usually involved the actor being completely clueless about something. The idea of a wire harness and how it helps up in our everyday lives is probably giving most folks the same befuddled feeling.

So, what it is a wire harness? In truth, it’s nothing more than just a collection of wires into one unit that helps to keep electrical systems organized. If you’ve ever opened your desktop computer’s tower or looked inside of a printer, you’ve probably noticed how clean everything looked. Clean, of course, refers to the uncluttered look of the internal pieces. This is how wire harnesses really earn their keep. What’s more, they can also vary in size depending on the application.

First things first, though, we need to ask ourselves – what does a wire harness do? Well, it allows data and electrical power to be conveyed efficiently throughout a structure. Considering how many things we’re surrounded by that start their functioning by being plugged in, it’s safe to say that wire harnesses are everywhere.

Finally, who uses these little remarkable wonders? Everyone. Every industry you can think of has found a unique use. Keep in mind the function they have about transmitting electrical power, signals, and data from point A to point B. As technology gets better and a demand for more efficient multi-functionality grows, so, too, does the need for wire harnesses to be built to handle these advancements.

The industries most associated with them are: automotive, aerospace, national defense, telecommunication, and medicine. On the surface, these particular industries don’t seem particularly interesting. Yet, they all have one thing in common – failure experienced by the machinery that makes up the industries can lead to the loss of life. It can be easy to gauge the success of an industry by looking at its financial health at the end of a fiscal year, but nothing lets you know that something went terribly wrong than when someone loses their life due to faulty parts.